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General Terms and Conditions

Copyright and Liability © 1986..2023 by Marker Software GmbH, Im Steg 9, 68526 Ladenburg, Germany. All rights reserved. The customer purchases a license for using COGPACK on his computer. For installing COGPACK on several computers at the same time additional licenses are required. For a given location at a given postal address we count licenses up to 11 only and 11 licenses are considered as Campus and LAN License. Additional licenses are valid only if a COGPACK Professional version is licensed for this location, too. Backups are permitted. Copies for other purposes, especially for distribution need a written agreement with marker software.

We cannot guarantee functionality of the program for any hard and software constellation except those described in the product info. We also cannot guarantee that the program meets any special purpose of the user; marker software has tested the program for functions and under conditions described in the product info. The program's error routines produce a message if foreseeable errors occur. Reports on errors to marker software which include this message and which describe the circumstances under which the error occurred will be checked and a diagnose sheet on that error will be shipped. Limited warranty: in any case marker software's and its suppliers' entire liability and your exclusive remedy shall be, at manufacturer's option either return of the price paid or repair or replacement of the software within 6 month after date of invoice. Customers may use the email or phone hotline Monday to Friday 9.00-16.00 h CET. Marker software can limit the support for earlier versions as soon as newer versions are available. Private customers can return the original CD/Data carrier bag and the invoice within fourteen days from date of invoice is accepted if the CD/Data carrier bag is not yet opened. By opening the CD/Data carrier bag you agree to the conditions described above and canceling the order is not allowed any more.

The personal data which a customer types in when ordering are saved into a data base at marker software's office in order to check later if someone has the right to use the hotline or to order updates.